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Remote Pilot UAS


Through strategic alliances with Skyline UAV and AirPixel Media, Remote Pilot UAS is able to offer a full range of UAV services to its clients using the most advanced autonomous VTOL aircraft in Australia.

Operating under the ReOC of Skyline UAV, we run UAV training courses, class and type ratings for both multirotor and single rotor aircraft (fixed wing coming soon). Our focus is on real-world experience and by working closely with CASA we have been able to complete projects other drone companies simply cannot do.

With comprehensive in-house workshop facilities and a skillset to match, Remote Pilot UAS provides rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. Sometimes those special jobs require something more than an off-the-shelf solution!


Vapor 55

Vapor 55 Helicopter

The Vapor 55 UAV Helicopter combines the world’s most advanced autopilot with an CASA-compliant military grade unmanned helicopter for commercial, research and security applications.


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Yamaha R-Max

The Yamaha R-Max UAV Helicopter has advanced technology, proven high performance and high tech safety features that mean effective problem solving for spraying, seeding and sensing.


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DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily and without worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment.


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With in-house design and manufacturing facilities we can handle anything from bespoke payload design to complete airframe development

Flight Ops

From Real Estate filming to industrial applications, Remote Pilot has the technology and experience to complete the job

All flights are conducted in conjunction with Skyline UAV


Remote Pilot can arrange and deliver multi-disciplinary training from ab-initio through to advanced class and type ratings.

Online learning resources coming soon!


Do you need a local source of UAV flight batteries?

Remote Pilot can manufacture high capacity lithium polymer flight and avionics packs for large UAVs

Remote Pilot works with