The Vapor 55 UAV Helicopter combines the world’s most advanced autopilot with an CASA-compliant military grade unmanned helicopter for commercial, research and security applications. 

The Vapor 55 carries a 5kg, front mounted sensor for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Larger payloads can also be carried. It utilizes automatic rotor speed calibration for altitudes from sea level to over 10,000ft AMSL. The Vapor 55 was conceived to provide unprecedented ease of use for commercial, industrial, and security applications requiring larger payload suites below a 25kg gross takeoff weight. It is well suited for tactical use due to the system’s small footprint, superior reliability, and safety in real-life environments without modification to the vehicle.

Remote Pilot flies the Vapor 55 UAS for Skyline UAV

The Vapor 55 is available for a wide range of flight operations. The Vapor 55 was the first unmanned helicopter in the world to tow an aerial advertising banner commercially.