RemotePilot UAS

Experienced in the design and manufacture of custom unmanned aircraft and payloads

Airframe Design

Innovative and unique CAD designed airframes for commercial application

Rapid Prototyping

In-house CNC and 3D printing support for airframe fabrication

Payload Integration

Customised mounts and full integration of payloads

Service & Repair

Routine servicing or emergency repair of any unmanned aircraft

FPV & Hobby

Custom carbon frames, wing pods, build services and spares

New Technology

Using the latest in design and manufacturing technologies


Full Carbon Construction

All our airframes are CAD designed and CNC cut from high quality Japanese carbon for ultimate strength and durability.


Cutting Edge Technology

We use Pixhawk CUBE autopilot hardware in all of our builds to deliver the most stable and versatile performance in the world.


End-to-End Project Management

RemotePilot UAS can take your dreams and turn them into reality with the minimum of fuss and drama.


Skyhawke is the designation given to a range of coaxial Y6 multirotor frames designed for Skyline UAV.

The first design was the Skyhawke MR6, a 7kg coaxial Y6 frame used as a sensor platform for the FLIR DUO PRo R camera.

This aircraft was soon followed by the Skyhawke MR6 XL, a 40kg MTOW heavy lift platform.

The Skyhawke MR6 and Skyhawke XL are now in commercial operation as part of the Skyline UAV fleet.

Over 20 years of experience in unmanned aviation

With extensive knowledge and experience in the field of miniature aviation and drone design & manufacture we have the skills to get you flying

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